FAQ - Questions:
1. Is it secure to order from this site?
2. Do you keep my personal information?
3. Do you sell or share my personal information?
4. Do markets run every weekend?
5. Can I sell food at the market?
6. Can I purchase multiple market weekends at once or just a single day instead of a weekend?
7. How can I get information about your company?
8. How do I contact you?

1. Yes. Our shopping cart processes all the information by using the latest security technology: SSL 128-bit encryption.

2. Yes, your personal information is securely stored in our E-commerce database with the same SSL 128-bit encryption. You have the option to make this information available for future orders when logging in, so that you do not have to type it again when you come back and shop from us.

3. Absolutely not: We do not sell, trade, or share any of your information with anyone under any circumstances. Click here to review our Privacy Policy.

4. We generally will run the market every weekend that is available at or around Atlantic Station's most central area available (which is most weekends) from the beginning of April to the end of October. Check the About Us Page to see latest scheduling information we have.

5. While we do allow food to be sold at the market and happily accept food items like jams, gourmet popcorn, tea, hot sauce, etc... - As of this writing we do not allow food made on premises. All food must be produced or prepared in a licensed kitchen and vendors wishing to sell food at the market must provide evidence that they have, or that food products come from, a licensed kitchen/business.

6. Yes you may purchase as many weekends as you would like that have been announced by market call. All such weekends should be available on the Available Markets Page. Sometimes we have single days available there as well - if you don't see single day there that you would like to request, feel free to contact us. Sometimes we can make accommodations for it, but no cannot guarantee it.

7. Information about our company is available on the About Us page.

8. Our contact information is provided on our Contact Page.