About Us

A brief overview of the Fun, Exciting and Lucrative Maker's Market, ongoing at Atlantic Station -
We are Celebrating and working hard to make our 5th Year the best ever! Brought to you by Earth and Sky Creations, LLC

-Markets will run every weekend at Atlantic Station that our space, which we lovingly call home in or around the amazing Atlantic Green, is available (occasionally other events come up but it's most every weekend).
-Markets are scheduled to run from 11am-9pm on Saturday and from Noon-7pm on SundayYou must be fully set-up and open during all of those hours. 
-Handcrafted items and art are encouraged, and may be preferred, but it is not an absolute requirement 
-Your application doesn't commit you to every weekend, it just gets you on the approved maker list, you may then purchase whatever weekends you'd like once a market mix is created for that weekend, after approval you'll get a next steps email.
-We bring something unique to Atlantic Station and look for booths and displays with character or that bring uniqueness to the market
-Makers must keep everything clean and sharp in and around their booth,  everything that is not an immediate display item or product must be hidden under skirted tables (4 sides skirted to the ground - the tight stretch tablecloths which have become fashionable usually have problems with this as they bow up in the middle and make items underneath visible. This can be remedied by having a 2nd draping to cover that exposed area. Nothing should be visible under the tables from any side of the booth.
-These markets are doing incredibly well; from maker's reports, we know that almost everyone is making great sales down there and the market is hot.
-All Makers operate in tents and must bring their own (or rent from us) a 10x10 white top tent (or gray top) we have plenty of tent rentals available generally
-We look for makers with good attitudes who keep things clean and sharp
-We look for diversity among makers and variety amongst products offered 
-We also limit slots by category so as to prevent excessive competition in a category and more consistent profitable market days when you come out (ie Jewelry, Soap, Candles)
-We love artistic and crafty things
-We are friendly people and will be strict about rules for the good of all - - click here for more details of Rules and Regs - by doing so it helps ensure we are able to continue to operate in one of the most preferred spaces in Atlanta and Atlantic Station Management stays happy and you make more money. If you forget that a clean and sharp appearance sells, we will do our best to remember and remind... lol
-We look forward to seeing you Coming Out to Have Fun and make great sales and grow your business with us at Atlantic Station at our next market!

With these markets we have brought back something that is Great for makers and something that makes many artists, crafters, and makers a lot of money with consistent opportunities most weekends of the year. Starting March 20th/21st Weekend in 2021 - Projected Schedule on the Calendar and Map Page - On rare occasions Atlantic Station's other events require market to be moved in location and market dates are subject to change with two weeks notice from them) -
Come be part of these fantastic markets in one of Atlanta's most premier market venues! 

By the way - we at Earth and Sky Creations have been a participant in many of the major festivals around Atlanta and know both sides of the maker's/artists/crafter's experience as well as the organizer's experience in putting on markets and shows.

We really do recommend you give these markets a try - they can be quite lucrative and have a beautiful setup. We look forward to working with each one of you! Here's to your future success!